PRCC hosts annual Lifetime Achievement Hall of Fame induction ceremony

Pearl River Community College honored five outstanding graduates on Thursday night.

Pilot and Navy veteran Charles Amacker, businessman and consultant Brian Montgomery, investment manager Perry Parker, Army veteran and engineer Joel Pigott and longtime ExxonMobil Corporation employee Vonceil Stringer were inducted into PRCC’s Lifetime Achievement Hall of Fame.

A ceremony was held at Southern Oaks and Gardens.

It was the 8th year the college hosted the event.

“I think the biggest thread they have in common is that they’re resilient,” said Adam Breerwood, president of PRCC. “They’re resilient individuals, they were constantly trying to get better in their profession. They always gave a life of service.”

He added, “we’re so proud of their accomplishments and we want to celebrate them and we want people to know that Pearl River Community College had a major hand in that and hopefully, continue to serve as an example for our students.”

A total of 42 outstanding graduates have been inducted into PRCC’s Hall of Fame.

Beau Parker