U.S. News: Candidate Says He Will Push for 'Prosperity' in Mississippi

JACKSON, Miss. (AP) — A Mississippi native who worked in international finance says he is running for Congress because he wants to bring "a new era of wealth and prosperity" to the state.

Perry Parker of Seminary is one of five Republicans running in the 3rd District, which makes a diagonal across the central part of the state from Natchez to Starkville.

Republican Rep. Gregg Harper is not seeking re-election, saying 10 years in Congress is enough.

The 52-year-old Parker worked in finance in Chicago, New York and London, and kept family ties to Covington County, where he now lives again. During a news conference Wednesday at the state Republican headquarters, Parker said he believes in free markets and public education.

Candidates' filing deadline is March 1.

No Democrat has yet entered the race.

Beau Parker