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Latest Newsletter - Removed from the Ballot



Last week the executive committee of the Mississippi Republican Party decided to remove me from the ballot for Public Service Commissioner for the Southern District. This decision was disappointing not only to me but to my family, supporters and volunteers.

Despite our frustration, I have decided to not contest the decision.

To clarify, I believe it is a mistake to remove our campaign from the ballot. I come to politics from an unconventional background. My work required me to have residences all over the world, many away from Mississippi. However, I am, have been, and always will be a citizen of the state of Mississippi.  I am not appealing for one reason: the resources devoted to a long and costly legal appeal process are better spent supporting conservative candidates in Mississippi’s several 2019 elections.

I remain fully committed to working toward bringing investment to Mississippi and growing our state consistent with conservative values. I look forward to continuing to work with the Republican party, my neighbors, and fellow citizens to achieve a better Mississippi.


A Proven Businessman.
Not a Politician.

Perry and Ida are not looking to find another career, but are looking to serve our great state of Mississippi.

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